Wish for WASH Design Thinking Course Reflection- Week 2

The first time I learned about Wish for Wash, I asked what a bidet was in front of a class of thirty high school students… now I talk about toilets five days a week. In my junior year of high school, I reached out to Jasmine Burton because I was passionate about global health and wanted to get involved. I joined the Decatur latrine project in Spring 2016, designing a toilet for a refugee community garden that did not have sanitation services on-site. It was the first time I had been a part of a project that was actively servicing a real need for a community, and I was hooked. I committed to Georgia Tech, and joined the Wish for Wash team (through GT Engineers Without Borders) in Fall 2017. This past year, we began work on an off-grid, composting toilet in cooperation with the sustainability program at the Paideia School in Atlanta. I am a member of the back-end design team; looking at the most effective way to move the waste from the toilet to the composting bin, and then how to seal and move the bin to allow for full composting to occur. I’m excited to now be a part of the Paideia Education team and teaching design thinking through the lens of equitable, off-grid sanitation. Human-centered problem solving is hard – schedules will clash, materials will get delayed, your users may change, and their needs will evolve – but through Wish for Wash I have developed projects that address real, urgent needs in both local and global communities, and that adds excitement to every new challenge.